The 35th BigONE "Contribution Points Exchange Pool" Redemption Has Been Completed

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Dear BigONE users,

The 35th BigONE "Contribution Points Exchange Pool" redemption has been completed, now we would like to explain the redemption rules and the results of this redemption period as follows.

【Redemption Formula】

  • 1 ONE 1 "Contribution Point" = 0.14 USDT equivalent to ONE or BTC, the exchange price of ONE or BTC is the average price of the transaction 7 days before the reservation. 

  • In this exchange, the average price of the 7 days before the reservation exchange: ONE = 0.000600 USDT,BTC = 22205.61 USDT
  • Therefore, 1 ONE 1 contribution can be exchanged for 0.14/0.0006 = 233.33 ONE or 0.14/22205.61 = 0.00000630 BTC

【Redemption Notice】

1. This time redemption will be on a snap-up mode, first come first, first served. Different VIP levels will be redeemed separately, details are as follows.

VIP Level  Total Redemption Limit  Individual Redemption Limit 
Bronze  50000 50
Silver       100000             200      
Platinum 150000 500
Diamond 300000 2000
Challenger 500000 10000


  • Different levels of users correspond to different contribution point redemption limits, the higher your VIP level, the higher the redemption limit (including the total limit and personal limit), the total amount of redemption, and the number of redemption members are limited. First come, first served, while stoke lasts. Please refer to the redemption page for details.
  • For example, if Davids VIP level is Challenger, the total contribution point that he can enjoy is 500,000, and the personal limit that this level users can enjoy is 10,000. After the redemption starts, the first 50 participants among Challenger users can successfully redeem ONE or BTC equivalent to 10,000 RMB.

2. According to the rules, the number of contribution points completed for redemption in this period is: 4250 ONE

3. The exchange of later contribution value will start on the last day of each month. In case of special circumstances, the platform will announce in advance.


You can check your redemption results on the redemption page at: 

For more details please refer to BigONE will upgrade the contribution points redemption pool

The final interpretation belongs to BigONE.

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BigONE Team
1 August 2022